Samsung’s Game Optimizing Service is Throttling Over 10,000 Apps

Samsung Exynos 2022

Without a doubt, Samsung Galaxy S22 series devices are among the most powerful devices in the market. However, it could change very soon as recent reports suggest that the company is throttling around 10,000 apps and games with Samsung’s Game Optimizing Service.

A Twitter user who goes by the name of @GaryeonHan alongside several other South Korean users shared the problem on Twitter. They compiled a list of apps that are affected by Game Optimizing Service from Samsung.

It is worth mentioning that Samsung is not just limiting games; the company is also limiting apps like Netflix, TikTok, Google Keep, Instagram, and more.

Samsung’s Game Optimizing Service is there on devices to prolong battery life. However, the issue is it cannot be disabled. What’s more, Samsung has programmed the service in a way that doesn’t affect the benchmarking application. Therefore, they report higher performance, but the reality is different.

Moreover, a YouTuber from South Korea demonstrated the issue. They renamed the 3DMark benchmarking app to Genshin Impact, which is a game. When the YouTuber tested again after the name change, the frame rate dropped 50% lower. It is a clear example suggesting Samsung’s Game Optimizing Service could cause a 50% or more drop in apps.

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Samsung is investigating the issue

According to Lanzuk, a renowned tipster, Samsung already knows about the issue and the company is scrutinizing it. Now, it cannot happen that Samsung already didn’t know about what its app is doing to applications. Anyways, the company has now officially accepted the issue. So, we might get to see some change pretty soon.

Another important thing to note here is that Galaxy S22 users might not be affected at all. As, Game Optimizing Service is not present on the device, according to Android Authority. However, the app is there on many other devices, including the likes of Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

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