The December update of the Google Pixel 6 series may be causing signal issues.

Google Pixel 6 signal issues

Google rarely puts out harmful upgrades, but when it does, it’s always a disaster. The December security patch update appears to follow the same path, Google Pixel 6 series owners mostly in Europe are experiencing severe signal reception issues after applying the OTA.

Google recently released the December security update for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. Unfortunately, if community comment of Google Pixel 6 series users is any indication, it looks to be creating some significant signal issues.

Multiple instances of Pixel 6 series phones experiencing poor signal coverage since installing the December update have surfaced. The majority of these claims appear to come from Europe, while some customers in the United States and Canada appear to have had similar problems. Signal coverage is said to have practically flattened following the upgrade, with some users reporting zero network bars indoors, leaving them with no choice except to connect to a Wi-Fi network.

Surprisingly, this problem may not be as widespread as one might imagine. The r/Android post where it was reported, for example, has a slew of people from Germany, France, Italy, and other European nations reporting that they have had no such problems after applying the update. In any case, there’s a potential that applying the December patch will destroy your Pixel 6 series phone. Take what you will from it.

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