The three-year support period for the Google Pixel 3 is coming to an end.

Google Pixel 3

Now that the Pixel 6 series has arrived. It’s only natural for Google to evaluate the future of some of the older smartphones. It is obvious in the latest Android security patch, which includes bug patches for the Pixel 6 series. But there is no mention of the Pixel 3; this suggests that updates for the Google Pixel 3 are no longer available. After three years of software updates for the Pixel 3, the gadget has reached the end of its support life cycle.

The Pixel 3, which was released in October 2018, has been on Google’s software upgrade list for the past three years. The smartphone was upgraded last month with the October security patch. That is currently the last update that the phone will receive.

Surprisingly, the phone has got three years of continuous upgrades, including the major Android 12 release. However, without the November patch, Pixel 3 owners should not anticipate any more upgrades, despite Pixel fans’ long-standing demand for longer support.

The Google Pixel 3 specifications may not be outstanding right now, but the phone boasted top-of-the-line features back when it was released. It had a Snapdragon 845 SoC and 4GB of RAM. The gadget came with a Full HD+ display, while the XL model included a QHD+ display.

The phone had a flaw in terms of battery life, but nothing to make it useless. Google has been attempting to match Apple’s hardware and software integration, but it lacks Apple’s rigidity when it comes to extending software support.

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