Xiaomi Appears To Be Forcibly Throttling Apps

Xiaomi high-silicon lithium battery

Just a few weeks ago, we reported that Samsung is forcibly throttling a variety of games and applications. However, no throttling was taking place while running benchmark apps. Last year, we saw OnePlus doing the same. Now, it looks as if Xiaomi is also slowing down apps on its devices.

According to John Poole, co-founder of Geekbench, Xiaomi is throttling performance based on app names. He posted a tweet about the same. He carried out an experiment in which he changed the name of Geekbench benchmarking apps to the popular Fortnite game. The effect was- single-core performance dropped by 30% while the multi-core scores performance dropped by 15%.

Poole further added that he saw a similar kind of behavior when renamed Geekbench as Genshin Impact. All of this suggests only one thing, Xiaomi is throttling games to prevent heating concerns and enhance battery life.

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Companies forcibly throttling apps is not something new

Now, this is not something unheard of, many smartphone manufacturers have done this. However, the thing of concern here is the lack of transparency. In addition to that, Xiaomi and other companies do not throttle benchmark apps makes it look even worse. People base their opinion to buy a device based on these benchmark results. Now, people are buying devices looking at these benchmarks but they are not getting the same performance.

Moreover, this is not the first time Xiaomi is facing such an allegation. 

Anandtech tested Xiaomi 11T Pro, last year, and he noticed the same kind of behavior.

Anyways, Xiaomi is yet to provide a comment on this matter. The company has neither acknowledged the issue nor denied the allegation. Once, we receive official word from Xiaomi we will offer you further updates.

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