Intel has officially announced the 12th Generation Alder Lake desktop CPUs, as well as their SKUs and price.

12th Generation Alder Lake desktop

Yesterday, Intel unveiled new 12th Generation Alder Lake desktop CPUs, the first of which are based on Intel 7. This new manufacturing process is an improvement (and successor) to the 14nm technique used in Intel’s 10th and 11th generation processors. The Core i9-12900K is the flagship 12th Gen CPU and is positioned as the next king of PC gaming.

You Should Know About 12th Generation Alder Lake desktop:

  • On Intel’s new “Intel 7” manufacturing process, the firm introduced a number of new 12th Gen Alder Lake CPUs.
  • The new Intel 12th Gen CPUs are the first to use a hybrid design, similar to that of ARM chips, and enable DDR5 and PCIe 5.0 Support.
  • The new 12th Gen CPUs are now available for presale, with pricing beginning at $264.

The Core i5-12600KF, which begins at $264, is at the bottom of the line. This CPU features 10-cores and 16 threads. It may surprise folks who are used to thread counts doubling the number of physical cores. This is owing to Intel’s innovative hybrid architectural design. Arm Ltd. initially introduced the ARM processors.

Instead of treating all cores equally and assigning them to the same tasks, Intel now divides its CPUs into two categories: Performance-cores (Golden Cove or “P-cores”) and Efficient-cores (Gracemont or “E-cores”). Intel’s highest-performing cores made the former and more efficient cores handle the background work and low-priority tasks.

It’s also common knowledge that Windows 11 makes use of this new scheduling mechanism to maximize power efficiency.

How Does it work:

With two distinct cores on offer, Intel is introducing a new scheduler called Intel Thread Director that effectively manages workloads between the performance and efficiency cores. Via this system, intensive tasks — like a game or video editor — are assigned to the p-cores. If new tasks need to run in the background — like email or network activity — they will go to the e-core.

Now, if all the p-cores are busy and there’s another task that needs to be prioritized, Thread Director will determine if one of the current workloads on the p-core can be moved to the e-core and then slot in the new task accordingly. Now, a lot of this has to do with software scheduling, so Intel has worked with Microsoft to take full advantage of Thread Director in Windows 11.

intel 12th Gen Alder Lake CPUs

The Core i9-12900K is the top-of-the-line gaming CPU, with 16 cores and 24 threads. On paper, it’s a system with Intel’s Turbo Boost Max technology capable of reaching 5.2GHz. The company’s UHD Graphics 770 IGP is also present.

With the new 12th Gen series of desktop CPUs, Intel claims to have made advancements across the board. With the newest NVIDIA RTX GPUs, PC consumers will be able to push the boundaries even further in games, with performance boosts of up to 20%. Then there’s DDR5 RAM, which can speed up image editing by up to 36 percent, video editing by up to 32 percent, 3D modeling by up to 37 percent, and multi-frame rendering by up to 100 percent.

Pricing and availability of Intel 12th Gen and Laptops:

The new CPUs are now available for presale, with pricing starting at $264 for the Core i5-12600KF and rising to $589 for the top-tier Core i9 12900K.

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