OPPO MariSilcon Y Might Turn Out to Be Revolutionary

OPPO MariSilcon Y
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Oppo’s first bespoke SoC for sound was one of many new products revealed at Inno Day 2022. It utilises a technique that is a “industry-first,”. The company claims that it can produce “ultra-high” transmission rates over Bluetooth. With its own neural processing unit (NPU), the new SoC is capable of doing billions of computations per second. In order to satisfy the needs of audiophiles who frequently rely on wireless audio, OPPO decided to design a MariSilcon Y Bluetooth audio SoC. It also supports lossless audio.

The Find X5 Pro and Reno 8 series, two of OPPO’s greatest Android phones, were powered by MariSilicon X, the company’s first imaging NPU SoC, at last year’s INNO Day.

The latest SoC can handle speeds up to 12 MBPS

The most recent SoC, can handle physical layer data speeds of up to 12 Mbps. In addition, it is OPPO’s first RF chip. On a chip that is 33% smaller, the N6RF process promises to reduce transceiver power consumption by 66% when compared to the 16nm manufacturing technology utilised in the previous generation.

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The objective, according to Oppo, was to give users of a device with it a customised spatial audio experience. According to the firm, the OPPO MariSilcon Y -branded product will go beyond the restrictions of standard Bluetooth. It will produce an audio experience similar to that of cable audio.

To intelligently identify and extract the sound of particular stems in a chosen music, such as the vocals, drums, bass, and other instruments, Music Extraction uses artificial intelligence (AI).

According to official statement, “Spatial Rendering allows users the option to change the spatial position information of the sound.”

Overall, OPPO claims that with the new MariSilicon Y, it has started a new chapter in providing its customers with cutting-edge lossless and wireless audio.

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