JBL Endurance Run Review in 2022


Are you looking for the best JBL Endurance Run Review on the internet? Stuck finding the best one?

Don’t worry.

After trying out a huge variety of different sports earbuds, we’ve discovered that there are only one or two brands that get the fit quite right and one of them is none other than JBL.

In addition, none of their sports models have, to this time, failed to live up to our expectations in terms of the sound or build quality. As a result, we were curious to check out what JBL had to offer at an extremely low price. 

The JBL Endurance Run is the earphone in the Endurance Series that comes in at the lowest price point, at just $19.9 / ₹1,099.

Does it maintain JBL’s characteristic fun sound and superb ergonomics which are common in their more expensive sports headphones? 

In this JBL Endurance Run review, let’s find out.

JBL Endurance Run Review – Design

To keep them in place, JBL’s Endurance Run earbuds employ the company’s TwistLock design, which has a lightweight but rather a big earpiece. 

However, when you wear them, the earpieces are quite stable and won’t lose their snugness even if you do.

Because there is no IP certification mentioned for these JBL sweat-resistant headphones, we are unable to determine whether they can simply be splashed with water, or whether they can be held under a tap and washed clean. 

For now, you may use them in the rain or during a grueling workout without fear, thanks to JBL’s long history of producing high-quality fitness gear.

It comes with three sets of clear silicone eartips, which are distinct from the massive TwistLock parts that are also detachable. You may store the earpieces out of the way by magnetically snapping the backs of the devices together. 

However, there is no storage bag and no additional TwistLock parts included.

Have we mentioned that these earbuds cost less than $20?

The right ear’s cable has an inbuilt remote control placed at around chin level (when worn in standard mode). To use the remote, all you have to do is press one button to play or stop music; you may also answer or terminate calls, or go ahead or backward in a song (with multiple taps). 

Holding the button down will activate your phone’s voice assistant, so volume control is the only significant feature that is absent. However, this may be an inconvenience for some, particularly if you’re exercising and want to rapidly alter the level.

Each earpiece is equipped with an 8.2mm dynamic driver capable of producing a frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHz. With this device, you won’t have to worry about being hard of hearing. 

All recorded words were perfectly audible and free of audio distortions.

JBL Endurance Run Review – Fitting

For securing, JBL uses its patented TwistLock system. When the buds are all in position, you may tighten them with a twist. The JBL earphone cables may be wrapped around your ears or simply inserted. 

You have to switch between the right and left earbuds depending on how you want to wear them. 

This is an unusual design. Depending on how you choose to wear them, right might signify either left or right.

The over-the-ear fit of the Endurance Run made it much more secure for us. JBL’s Reflect Series headphones, such as the Reflect Contour and Reflect Mini, were more snug and comfy than this type. 

A rubber tip that fits in the outside contour of your ear or an over-ear hook may be necessary if you sweat a lot. This modest design, though, should suffice if you don’t overwork yourself.

Sound Quality and Performance

The JBL Endurance Run has a punchy bass end with plenty of granularity. Additionally, the bass impact is crisp and sharp with a lot of weight. Rock, hip-hop, electronica, and pop benefit from the resulting low-end heaviness, although purists may find it off-putting.

The sound has a little degree of distortion and compression, but the mids sound very realistic. However, this seems to be acceptable for the price. To put it another way, the sound quality is outstanding for an earphone that is so cheap.

Despite being rolled off at higher frequencies, the highs sound more realistic in comparison to the mids. However, as long as you don’t listen to too many symphonies, the instrumentation is OK. Smooth, fluent, and distinct from the surrounding instruments, female vocals make for a powerful performance.

The Endurance Run has a faint sense of depth despite its lack of a true soundstage. It’s not enough to create the illusion of depth, but it’s enough to keep the music dynamic and captivating.

Is JBL Endurance good?

There isn’t a lot to ponder here. JBL’s lack of concern for left and right stereo channels aside, the fit and build quality are excellent, and the sound quality is excellent for under $20.

It would have been helpful if the remote included a volume control. Everything else is OK in our book. They’re cool.

How is the bass of the JBL Endurance run?

The JBL Endurance Run has a punchy bass end with plenty of granularity. Additionally, the bass impact is crisp and sharp with a lot of weight. 

Rock, hip hop, electronica, and pop all benefit from the strong low bass, but critical listeners could find it off-putting.

What is Fliphook Technology?

Fliphook Technology headphones have a flexible two-way design, you may wear them either in your ears or behind your ears for optimal listening comfort. 

IPX5 Sweat Proof Design to withstand your intense workouts. FlexSoft and Twistlock give a comfortable and secure fit while also providing stability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is JBL Endurance RUN waterproof?

JBL Endurance RUN headphones are IPX5 waterproof, so your earphone won’t be ruined by rain or sweat.

Is JBL Endurance Good For Music?

Without a doubt, the answer to this question is yes. The sound quality of these earbuds is significantly superior to what you’d expect for the money they cost. 

With a snug fit and a sweat-resistant construction, they’re excellent for working out—as long as you don’t mind the wires. If you want wireless, check our JBL TWS C115 earphone article.

Does JBL Endurance Run have noise cancellation?

The JBL Endurance Dive has an exceptional performance in terms of its noise isolation. Despite the absence of active noise cancellation (ANC), these headphones offer an in-ear design that provides excellent passive isolation. 


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