A data breach at GoDaddy has exposed 1.2 million user accounts.


GoDaddy, a domain registrar, and web hosting firm, has disclosed a data breach that accessed 1.2 million of its customers’ personal data. Demetrius Comes, the company’s chief information security officer also revealed in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that an “unauthorized third party” had acquired access to its managed WordPress hosting environment.

WordPress is a content management system (CMS). Millions of site owners across the world use that to create blogs and websites, and GoDaddy, like other hosting providers, offers WordPress hosting in addition to shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, and other services. According to GoDaddy, an unauthorized user used a stolen password to gain access to its servers on September 6. The corporation didn’t find out about the incident until last week, on November 17.

Hacked User Accounts:

According to GoDaddy’s SEC statement, the hack affected 1.2 million managed WordPress users, both active and inactive, who had their email addresses and customer numbers exposed.

The initial WordPress admin password, set when WordPress was first installed, was also revealed, according to the business. An attacker may get access to a customer’s WordPress server if they had this password.

Active customers’ sFTP credentials, as well as the usernames and passwords for their WordPress databases, which are used to store all of their content, were also exposed in the incident, according to GoDaddy. Godaddy exposed customers’ SSL private keys in some situations, and if used improperly, this key might allow an attacker to impersonate a customer’s website or other services. While GoDaddy has changed client WordPress passwords and private keys, it is still working on providing new SSL certificates. After GoDaddy completes its investigation into the data breach, we’ll also likely learn more about the specifics of the incident.

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