Efficiency Mode On Windows 11 Will Enhance Laptop Battery Life

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Windows 11 has just added a clever new tool- Efficiency Mode to the Task Manager that allows you to tame resource-hogging apps. It will benefit everyone. That said, laptop users will be the ones to reap the most benefits thanks to improved battery life.

What’s more, this upgrade is now in preview, with the new Build 22557 being sent to testers earlier this week. The update includes a slew of new features, including a revamped Task Manager.

You may recall that the Task Manager has been updated to match Windows 11’s sleeker and more modern style. On top of that, it has a polished interface. However, there’s another important addition in Build 22557, and that’s Efficiency mode.

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Efficiency mode

The concept behind this feature is that instead of stopping an app that is taking a lot of system resources in the Task, you can set it to run in Efficiency mode.

As Microsoft explains, this will lower the priority of the application in question when it comes to system resource allocation. Hence, it will also lower its resource utilization, making your PC more responsive. Now, if your PC was chugging under the strain of that particular workload, this will improve energy efficiency.

Efficiency-mode programs and services will have a little leaf symbol, while suspended apps will have a pause icon.

Some programs, such as critical Windows services, may not be eligible for the aforesaid mode. As deprioritizing them may have a detrimental impact on system performance and cause your machine to slow down. The option to turn on Efficiency mode is also there in grey but under certain circumstances, ensuring you don’t cause any harm while experimenting with this new tool.

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