Intel Released New Driver Update With Fix For Random BSOD Crashes

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After Microsoft, Intel is now providing a remedy for the Blue Screen of Death issue with Windows 11 and 10. New wireless drivers from Intel were made available as part of the December 2022 driver update. The new Intel drivers appear to resolve a problem that was causing Windows PCs to crash with the dreaded Blue Screen of Death error.

The most recent wireless drivers from December 2022 appear to have a number of important bug fixes if your computer uses Intel wireless technology and your system is crashing with a Blue Screen of Death error. You can download the driver from Intel’s website or using the Driver & Support Assistant program.

If you want to know if you have Intel’s wireless drivers or not, navigate to the Device manager or Command Prompt to find out. Moreover, if you are using an Intel processor with Intel’s network card, chances are you are using Intel’s drivers also. Additionally, Intel has also released fixes for other notable bugs as well in the new update.

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Intel Wi-Fi Driver 22.190.0

What’s more, Intel has also released a new Wi-Fi Driver 22.190.0 update. Users were experiencing an issue of video hiccups when utilising a wireless display and projecting the screen on 802.11ax. The new Wi-Fi driver will reportedly solve the issue. Windows 11 systems have been seen to have this problem.

Another fault that caused some systems to perform poorly in terms of downlink throughput on Windows 11 and 10 PCs has been resolved. Unlike the dreaded BSODs, this has only been noticed on 160 MHz channels, therefore it is not a widespread issue.

Finally, Intel also claims to have solved a few internal bugs. These bugs may have affected the stability and performance of Windows 11 and Windows 10 PCs.

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