Microsoft Bringing Back Taskbar Overflow to Windows 11

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Finding it difficult to toggle through dozens of apps to find the one you are looking for; don’t worry you are not alone. Microsoft has come up with a new feature- taskbar overflow for users who love all their apps running simultaneously. The new feature will be three dots that will come up on your screen once you have run out of the taskbar space. In there you will find all the apps running behind and toggle to the one you need.

What is the update in this you ask? Well, right now the overflow feature creates a similar menu but it only shows the, most recent apps you have used. This feature is available only in windows 10 and windows 11. So, you can guess that it gets a little messy when you have to go to an app that was not recently used. There are ways to get around in the current scheme of things like using alt+tab to navigate but a lot of people don’t use it or don’t know about it.

Amanda Langowski, the head of Microsoft’s insider program explains it “After invoking overflow, the menu will quietly dismiss once you click outside of it or navigate to an application”. This feature will go with the existing windows 11 UI quite well with all the existing features that a standard taskbar should have.

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Microsoft is testing a new UI

Microsoft had recently announced that they are testing a new User Interface for Windows 11. Following that they announced this new taskbar overflow feature. Some are saying that this is their way of going back to the Windows 11 and Windows 10 feel that users are familiar with.

Along with this Microsoft is also tapping into features like nearby sharing which is similar to Airdrop. One can test the overflow features by going to the latest Dev Channels build. The new nearby sharing feature will support UDP to locate nearby devices. In other words, the speed will be much faster to locate and share files with nearby devices. Also, Microsoft will be adding the OneDrive extension to make the whole cloud sharing process faster and smoother.

With all the updates mentioned above Microsoft also plans on smaller updates like better and easier ways to find apps, movies, etc in the Microsoft store. When buying games one will find it easier to compare the prices of standard and deluxe editions of the game.

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