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Although the first year of Windows 11 wasn’t the easiest, Microsoft has now released a guide to make life easier for gamers. AMD CPUs were initially impacted, occasionally losing close to 15% of their performance. However, this only persisted for a few weeks after launch. Numerous Nvidia customers reported substantial frame losses with the September 22H2 update. Additionally, some users claim that Windows 11 is less “snappy” overall than Windows 10 was. Many gamers claim that Windows 11 also negatively impacts their in-game performance. These gamers have even tried remedies like turning off VBS, which we found to reliably increase frame rates. Many users downgraded to Windows 10 as a result of this. 

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Microsoft guide for gamers

The first remedy proposed by Microsoft is to turn off HVCI, commonly known as Memory Integrity. Memory Integrity, according to Microsoft, “helps verify that all drivers loaded onto the OS are signed and trustworthy and helps prevent attackers from introducing their own harmful code.” Use this advice at your own risk. As some people assert that Memory Integrity can be utilised to thwart ransomware assaults.

Microsoft guarantees that this feature will be active automatically on all new Windows 11 PCs. Although it may not be on computers running Windows 11 already, in which case you will need to enable it.

Disable Virtual Machine Platform is the second piece of advice offered. “Provide fundamental virtual machine jobs for Windows” is the function of the Virtual Machine Platform. Additionally, unless you install Windows 11 from scratch, this function is not activated immediately. Since their primary objective is to increase security, it is somewhat alarming that neither option was activated on my Windows 11 computer.

According to Microsoft, having both Memory Integrity and the Virtual Machine Platform enabled can cause performance to suffer. This is based on user input. In order to get the most out of their system, gamers should “switch off these functionalities while gaming and set them back on when finished playing,” according to Microsoft.

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