Microsoft Rolled Out KB5005463 For Windows 10

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Microsoft has begun rolling out a new update for Windows 10. The update will preload the contentious PC Health Check software onto your device via the latest Windows Upgrade (KB5005463). The update will also notify users that it will not be pushed out to individuals who have already installed the new operating system.

This software is meant to swiftly advise customers if their device fulfills the requirements to update to the new Windows 11 OS. However, due to the stringent system requirements, many laptops and desktops are ineligible. Despite the fact that some of them have quite powerful components.

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The update KB5005463 will be a waste of time for some users

OnMST claims that the software will update itself rather than requiring you to do it manually. But for customers who are fully aware that their system isn’t capable of running the new OS; this is obviously an unneeded annoyance.

Anyways, the update is not a mandatory one. So if you’re signed up for automatic system updates, you may ignore it or block it from downloading. However, you should know that having a PC Health Check application on your system isn’t harmful. It’s understandable that some people would like to avoid having any extra programs on their machines.

What’s more, we believe that in the next months or years, upgrade notifications will become increasingly obtrusive. Since the PC Health Check tool’s sole purpose was to “check device health and troubleshooting to improve efficiency,” wouldn’t Windows 11 benefit from it?

There are good reasons why people are hesitant to upgrade to Windows 11. We have seen reports of computers with AMD Ryzen processors experiencing a performance drop, and perfectly usable devices without a TPM 2.0 (Trusted Platform Module) component installed failing to meet Microsoft’s stringent security requirements.

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