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One of the most common concerns, when new operating systems are released, is how well they will perform on existing systems. With more individuals switching to Windows 11, many people are wondering if the new operating system can genuinely improve the performance of their computer.

According to new tests conducted by TechSpot on numerous configurations with Intel 10th and 11th generation CPUs; the performance difference between Windows 10 and Windows 11 isn’t all that evident. There are minor differences in performance, but overall these differences don’t count for much.

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Windows 11 vs Windows 10

To begin, TechSpot ran a series of tests that included an examination of various applications, gaming, and storage options. All of the tests were done in order to determine how well the systems will operate. The outlet further claims that its findings were based on a three-run average. So that it can deliver the most trustworthy results available.

Running software like Blender and Cinebench produced nearly identical results, according to TechSpot. However, in many circumstances, the performance of Windows 10 was slightly greater than that of Windows 11 PCs. There were also some variations between the upgraded and fresh versions of each operating system, according to the source. However, it is important to note that this is normal since upgrading tends to improve or degrade the performance of the software.

In general, the differences between Windows 10 and 11 revealed tiny percentage increases in latency and overall performance. The introduction of Virtualization-Based Security was, of course, the most noticeable feature. However, it causes a performance drop when enabled. Some reports claim performance drop can be 25%.

TechSpot claim, you will lose up to 7% performance during gaming if you enable Virtualization Based Security. The good thing is the user can disable this feature to gain more performance.

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