The First Windows 11 Update Degrading AMD CPUs’ Performance Even More

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AMD announced last week that its CPUs are suffering performance issues in Windows 11. And Microsoft’s fresh update to the new OS appears to have exacerbated the situation. After the Windows 11 update went live yesterday, TechPowerUp reported that it is noticing substantially higher latency in AMD CPUs.

Main issues with Ryzen CPUs

On AMD Ryzen CPUs, AMD and Microsoft have found out two main issues affecting Windows 11. In some games, Windows 11 can cause L3 cache latency to triple, lowering performance by up to 15%. The second issue is with AMD’s preferred core technology, which moves threads to the processor’s fastest core. This second flaw, according to AMD, could have an impact on CPU-intensive tasks.

The L3 cache latency on TechPowerUp’s Ryzen 7 2700X was around 10ns, but Windows 11 increased it to 17ns. “This was exacerbated by the October 12 ‘Patch Tuesday’ update, which increased the latency to 31.9ns,” according to TechPowerUp. That’s a big rise, and it’s exactly the kind of problem AMD warned about.

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However, patches for both Ryzen bugs will be available by the end of the month. Microsoft is expected to address the L3 cache issue next week. And speculations indicate that a patch will be released on October 19th. An AMD driver will handle the preferred core fix, which is coming later this month and will hopefully be available on Windows Update as soon as it is released.

Even if Microsoft has reduced the number of supported processors for this new OS, it’s still astonishing to see Windows 11 ship with these issues. New OS releases are prone to bugs, but such a clear performance impact on key CPUs should have been detected during the months of public beta testing. In any case, it’s great to see that issue will be resolved shortly.

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