Windows 11 Causing Performance Issues in AMD Systems

windows 11 performance
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Microsoft Windows 11 only supports the hardware with TMP 2.0; this is one of the many minimum requirements of Windows 11. However, unlike the other requirements, this requirement does make sense as TPM 2.0 is actually supported by the vast majority of modern devices. However, this TMP is causing some performance issues on AMD systems with Windows 11.

Actually, AMD implements TPM as fTPM into system firmware instead of the dedicated chip. Plus, you need to enable fTPM on AMD systems. 

Let’s get back to the issue; the problems appear to have arisen because of AMD’s fTPM and Windows compatibility issues. In other words, it might not be a bug in the new Windows OS. 

Reports from users suggest that enabling fTPM is degrading the performance o the device. On top of that, it is causing the device to stutter while playing games. And this problem is not limited to Windows 11; it is affection Windows 10 PCs as well.

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Possible fix to stuttering performance issue caused by fTPM on Windows 11

As of now, the easiest solution is to uninstall Windows 11 and then use Windows 10 without fTPM turned on. It is worth trying to resolve the stuttering issue. It is worth mentioning that though it is possible to turn off fTPM on Windows 11, doing it might have adverse effects as the new games like Valorant won’t run on devices without TPM.

Besides, it is also possible that a Windows 11 might be the root cause of the issue. Installing Windows 10 will work in this case as well. Anyways, you can wait for Microsoft to roll out a fix.

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