Windows 11 New Update Should Fix SSD Issues

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Microsoft is working hard on much-needed Windows 11 updates and optimizations for its new version of the operating system. Windows 11 is still plagued by bugs and problems. What’s more, one of the newest bugs to come to light is the reduction of random write speeds for SSDs and HDDs. The company is working hard on identifying the issue.

Windows 10 Vs Windows 11 Performance difference
Win 10 vs Win 11

MSPowerUser was the first to spot this bug in Windows 11. The bugs as previously discussed effectively cut the random write rates of fast PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSDs like the Samsung 980 Pro in half. According to pictures from SSD benchmark software, the Samsung 980 Pro can only write at 900 Mbps randomly in Windows 11, while reaching 1,600 Mbps in Windows 10. Some complaints reveal that after updating to Microsoft’s new OS, their SSDs slowed even more.

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It appears as if the SSD performance issue is basically caused because of the NTFS USN journal mode. Windows 11 automatically activates the previously mentioned mode for drives assigned to letter C.

Moreover, Microsoft has finally acknowledged the mistake. The company has promised to fix this flaw in the official changelog for the optional forthcoming KB5007262 upgrade. The new Windows 11 update is still in preview testing. Users of Windows 11 should be able to experience the full performance of their SSD once more; once they are done downloading and installing the update.

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