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  • Android 13 beta

    Final Android 13 Beta Is Here Before The Launch in Next Weeks

    Google has made available the fourth and final public beta of Android 13. Users can now test out the impending upgrade before it is made available to the general public. However, the beta is more significant since it gives programmers a sneak preview of upcoming changes so they can prepare their applications. The formal release […] More

  • Android 13 beta

    Details About Android 13 Beta 

    Android 13 has now entered Beta, taking it one step closer to its planned release later this year. While there is still work to be done; advancing to beta indicates Google has locked in a large number of features that will appear in Android 13’s final version. So, let’s take a look at what it’s […] More

  • Google removed nine malicious apps from PlayStore

    Google To Discontinue Call Recording Apps

    According to reports, Google is cracking down on third-party call recording apps for Android phones. Third-party app developers will no longer be able to offer the call recording capability as of May 11. Google recently updated its Play Store Policy; one of the modifications was to remove call recording apps from Android smartphones. Apps on […] More

  • SIM

    Android TV 13 Gives An Efficiency Boost to Your Smart TVs

    As Google prepares to announce its new OS for smart TVs; the company might introduce a few major modifications to Android TV 13. For instance, Android 13 will contain a new “low-power standby mode” specifically for Android TVs, according to XDA Developers. As per recent reports, this feature will disable wake-locks and, when enabled, will […] More

  • SIM

    One of Android 13’s Feature Could Be The End of SIM Cards

    SIM cards are the lifeblood of our mobile, internet-connected lifestyles. Users can utilize these tiny modules to make calls, send messages, and connect to a variety of internet services. They’re so important to phones that manufacturers must find a way to jam them in, no matter how tight the space is. As a result, the […] More

  • Google Pixel 6 series

    Android 13 Might Allow Cross-Device Services

    It wasn’t long ago that Google announced cross-device capabilities. It will allow users to access their phone’s chat apps directly from their Chromebooks or PCs. What’s special about this feature is it will work even if the phone wasn’t close by or the apps weren’t loaded on the Chrome OS device. What’s more, it appears […] More

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