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  • iQOO-Neo-8-Series

    iQOO Neo 8 Series is Coming: Design, Display & Price

    Do you know how everyone’s been talking about the iQOO Neo series since it launched? Well, there’s a good reason for that! These phones are known for their amazing performance, battery life, and cameras and offer excellent value. The iQOO Neo 6 is still a fan favorite, and the Neo 7 has kept up the […] More

  • Motorola-Edge-40

    Motorola Edge 40 is Launching on May 23: Here are The Key Specs

    Motorola is all set to launch the much-awaited Edge 40 smartphone in India. Having already made its debut in Europe earlier this year, the device has garnered quite a bit of attention. Now, Indian customers eagerly await the arrival of the Motorola Edge 40, which is scheduled for release on May 23. The official Twitter […] More

  • Facebook Messenger App

    Facebook Messenger for Apple Watch to Be Shutdown on May 31

    Meta has officially announced that it will be discontinuing its Facebook Messenger app for the Apple Watch on 31st May. Currently, users with the app installed on their watches are receiving information that Messenger will no longer be accessible as an app specifically for the Apple Watch after the mentioned date. Nonetheless, users can still […] More

  • Nothing-Phone-2

    The Nothing Phone (2) Is Here: Design & Specs Revealed!

    The long-awaited Nothing Phone (2) is finally here, and set to launch later this summer! Last week, Nothing Company released a tiny glimpse of the highly anticipated phone, giving us just enough information to send tech enthusiasts into a frenzy. And now, with new leaks revealing its alleged specifications and design elements. We can get […] More

  • OnePlus-Pad-Review

    OnePlus Pad Review – A New Challenger in the Tablet Arena

    For years, OnePlus has been a prominent player in the smartphone industry. It emerged intending to disrupt the flagship market by offering products with an impressive price-to-performance ratio. Over time, the company has evolved to the point where it can now compete directly with the very flagships it initially sought to challenge. In 2023, OnePlus […] More

  • Google-IO-2023

    Google I/O 2023: The BIG Announcements We Can Expect

    Google I/O 2023 is just around the corner and it promises to be one of the biggest events yet. With news teased by company CEO Sundar Pichai during an April earnings call. We can expect to see a flurry of new hardware and exciting developments for Android. From what has been hinted at so far, […] More

  • Google-Authenticator

    Google Authenticator Just Made Your Life WAY Easier! Here’s How…

    Keeping our online accounts secure is becoming increasingly critical in today’s world of cyber-attacks and data breaches. The most reliable way to protect your account is via two-factor authentication or 2FA. This requires both a password plus a one-time access code for login success. Google Authenticator has been the go-to app for this purpose. But […] More

  • Google Pixel 7a: What We Know So Far

    Google Pixel 7a: What We Know So Far

    Google has yet to officially mention the next-generation Pixel 7a Smartphone, though the rumor mill has been actively giving us new leaks on the device. Given the glowing reviews the Pixel a-series phones have received with pretty much every version, it’s no surprise that Google plans to release a Pixel 7a. The big question is, […] More

  • The-NEW-Poco-F5-5G-is-Set-to-Launch-in-India

    The NEW Poco F5 is Set to Launch in India

    Xiaomi is launching the POCO F5 series in India, and it’s true – the Geekbench benchmark database has spotted a new upcoming POCO smartphone with the model number 23049PCD8I. The listing confirms that a Qualcomm Snapdragon 7+ Gen 2 processor will power this device.  With more details emerging about this exciting new device, let’s take […] More

  • How-to-Update-Your-GPU-Drivers

    How to Update Your GPU Drivers

    Nowadays, having a good GPU on your computer is practically a requirement for accomplishing anything meaningful on your PC. Graphically demanding programs like 3d modeling software, video games, and video editing all demand at least a semi-powerful GPU to keep things going. On top of that, more and more websites have begun integrating advanced CSS […] More

  • Nvidia-Geforce-RTX-4060ti-leak

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060Ti Leaked: Price, Performance & Specs

    The upcoming release of NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060Ti is rumored to be happening in May. With April coming to a close, we’ve been hearing whispers from the industry about what to expect from this mid-range graphics card. So what kind of specs can we expect from the RTX 4060 Ti? What kind of performance will […] More

  • iOS-16.4

    iOS 16.4: Here Are Every Feature and Changes You Need to Know

    Apple’s latest version of iOS is here, and with it comes a slew of brand-new features, as well as tweaks to preexisting ones. From the reintroduction of the Apple Books page-turning animation to new emoji characters, all these new features bring a little something new to the equation. So, let’s take a closer look at […] More

  • iOS 17 leaks

    What’s New in iOS 17? Leaked Features Revealed 

    As always, Apple enthusiasts are anticipating the next software updates coming from the tech giant. With each new update, users hope that there will be significant improvements, exciting features, and bug fixes. Thanks to leaks from the well-known leaker, AppleTrack on Twitter, we can now look forward to what’s coming in the next release: iOS […] More

  • Whatsapp-Companion-Mode

    Whatsapp Companion Mode is Finally Here!

    WhatsApp has introduced “Companion Mode,” which allows users to access their accounts across multiple devices. This new feature has been in the pipeline for quite some time. And is now available for all beta testers on Android devices. Want to know more? Keep reading! WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the […] More

  • How-To-Make-A-Meme-On-Android

    How To Make A Meme On Android

    Spend any amount of time online, and you’ll find that memes have become one of the backbones of internet humor. These simple images with captions on them are accessible, meaning just about anyone can make them. No matter what device you use, making a meme on Android only requires a (hopefully) funny idea or an […] More

  • Asus-ROG-Phone-7-Series

    The Asus ROG Phone 7 Series: All Rumors & Leaks Revealed

    Are you among the millions of mobile gamers eagerly waiting for the launch of the Asus ROG Phone 7 Series? Well, we have some good news – the latest rumors suggest that Asus is going to launch not just one, but two successors to the ROG Phone 6. And according to the leaks, the new […] More

  • Nearby share for Windows PC

    Nearby Share is Finally Coming to Windows PC

    Nearby Share, launched in 2020, is a handy way to quickly send pictures or videos to another person’s phone – provided they’re close by. It’s available on most modern Android phones and has been a great asset to many users. However, until recently, Nearby Share was missing one key feature – the ability to transfer […] More

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