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  • Amazon-luna-release-date-and-official-launch

    Amazon Luna TV Release Date and Official Launch 

    The retail behemoth Amazon revealed its Amazon Luna cloud gaming service in September 2020. It wasn’t a great surprise at the time; rumors about the retail behemoth Amazon developing a service to compete with the likes of Google, Microsoft, and Nvidia had been circulating for quite some time. Cloud gaming is still a distant second […] More

  • HDR10+

    What Is HDR10+ Adaptive and How Does It Work?

    TVs with HDR10+ Adaptive technology claim to provide a better HDR experience regardless of the illumination in your space. But what exactly is this new technology and how does it vary from Dolby Vision IQ? HDR Content Adjustment in Relation to Ambient Light: It’s no secret that HDR video looks best when watched in a […] More

  • Different display technologies

    All You Need To Know About Different Display Technologies

    The display forms one of the most important, if not the most important, components of modern devices. Therefore, companies have been doing experiments in this field to make displays better. As a result, we have different display technologies in the market, with more on the way. However, there is three most common display technologies including, […] More

  • Google Stadia

    Everything There’s To Know About Google Stadia

    Without a doubt, the world of gaming has changed over the past few years, thanks to ever-advancing technology and high-speed internet speeds. The latest in the gaming market is cloud-based gaming services, with several companies introducing their platforms, including Google, Amazon, NVIDIA, and more. Google introduced its internet-based game streaming service in November 2019 called Stadia; since […] More