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  • Best Gaming PC Build For ₹50K

    Best Gaming PC Build For 50,000 INR

    If you are looking for a PC to support both your work and gaming needs, we have brought to you the best gaming PC build for ₹50K that will help you build a PC fit for any role. More importantly, a PC, will not be a burden on your wallet. This build will allow you [...]
  • Best-PC-Build-for-Rs-60,000

    Best Gaming PC Build For 60,000 INR

    Picking the right components can ensure you have a gaming build that handles most AAA games at 1080p resolution with high to max settings–even with a budget of ₹60,000. Our PC Build for ₹60K, will help you construct a PC that will support both your working and gaming needs without being too costly. Purchase the [...]