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When selecting the ideal wireless earbuds, comparing top contenders is crucial to finding the best fit for your lifestyle and preferences. In the realm of affordable yet high-quality audio solutions, boAt stands out, particularly with its Airdopes 148 and 141 models. This blog post delves into a comprehensive comparison between boAt Airdopes 148 and boAt Airdopes 141, guiding you through their features, performance, and value to aid your decision-making process. Whether you’re a music lover, a podcast enthusiast, or someone who needs reliable earbuds for calls and workouts, understanding the nuances of boAt Airdopes 148 vs. 141 will help you make an informed choice that aligns with your needs and budget.

boAt Airdopes 148 and 141 Specifications

FeatureboAt Airdopes 141
boAt Airdopes 148
Audio Drivers8mm drivers8mm drivers
Battery LifeUp to 6 hours per chargeUp to 5 hours per charge
Bluetooth ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0Bluetooth 5.0
Auto Pairing Range10 meters10 meters
ColorsCyan cider, Black, White purity, Olive Green, Thunder BlueBlack, White purity, Cyan cider
Water ResistanceIPX4IPX4
Touch ControlsYesYes
Voice AssistantYesYes
FeaturesENx, BEAST mode, Fast chargeENx, BEAST mode, Insta Wake N Pair, Fast charge

Special Features

When comparing boAt Airdopes 148 and 141, it’s essential to delve into the unique features that distinguish each model, enhancing their value proposition and appeal to different user segments.

boAt Airdopes 148:

  • BEAST Mode: This feature is a standout for gaming enthusiasts. It minimizes latency to ensure real-time audio sync, thus enhancing gaming and video streaming experiences.
  • ENx Technology: The Airdopes 148 are equipped with Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENx) technology, which significantly improves call clarity by reducing background noise. This makes them ideal for voice calls in silent to moderately noisy environments.
  • ASAP Charge: This charging feature is particularly convenient for users on the go. It provides 75 minutes of playback with just a 5-minute charge, ensuring that you’re rarely without your music.
  • IWP: Insta Wake N Pair allows the boat Airdopes 148 to power on when the charging case cover is opened, ensuring speedy connectivity.

boAt Airdopes 141:

  • BEAST Mode: This feature is a standout for gaming enthusiasts. It minimizes latency to ensure real-time audio sync, thus enhancing gaming and video streaming experiences.
  • Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENx): Similar to the 148, the 141 also incorporates ENx technology for enhanced call clarity, ensuring your communications are clear and uninterrupted.
  • Extended Playback: The Airdopes 141 excels in battery life, offering up to 42 hours of total playback with the charging case. 
  • ASAP Charge: This charging feature is particularly convenient for users on the go. It provides 75 minutes of playback with just a 5-minute charge, ensuring that you’re rarely without your music.

Detailed Features and Performance

In the realm of wireless earbuds, both the boAt Airdopes 148 and 141 models offer compelling features and performance, each catering to distinct preferences and needs. Let’s delve into their detailed features and performance to understand what sets them apart:

boAt airdopes 148 vs 141 Sound Quality:

Sound quality stands paramount in the boAt Airdopes 148 and 141, each boasting 8mm dynamic drivers that produce rich and absorbing audio. Their capability to deliver a bassy sound profile, featuring substantial bass, decent mids, and clear highs, ensures an enjoyable listening experience. While both models excel in audio performance, presenting a harmonious blend of clarity and depth, the distinction lies in the additional functionalities offered by the Airdopes 148. Features like IWP (Insta Wake N’ Pair) technology, and better build quality set the 148 apart, enhancing its utility without compromising the sound excellence synonymous with boAt.

Battery Life:

Battery efficiency is a crucial aspect of any wireless device. The Airdopes 148 offers up to 5 hours of playback per charge, which is quite adequate for daily commutes or workout sessions. The charging case further extends this listening time, ensuring you are always in charge. In contrast, the Airdopes 141 edge out with up to 6 hours per charge, providing that extra bit of juice for more extended listening periods, making them a tad more reliable for extended use.

Connectivity and Controls:

Experience seamless connectivity and intuitive controls with the boAt Airdopes 148 and 141. Both models offer reliable Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, ensuring quick pairing with a wide range of devices for uninterrupted audio enjoyment. The user-friendly touch sensitive controls embedded in these earbuds provide effortless management of your music and calls. With just a few taps, you can play or pause tracks, answer phone calls, or summon your preferred voice assistant, be it Siri or Google Assistant. This integration of advanced connectivity with simple, responsive controls epitomizes convenience, enhancing your listening experience and daily interactions.

Design and Comfort:

boAt airdopes 148
boAt Airdopes 141

Regarding design, the Airdopes 148 and 141 feature an ergonomic build that aims to provide a comfortable and secure fit. Their designs ensure they are suitable for various activities, whether you’re working out or simply relaxing. The aesthetic choices in colors and styles also cater to different user preferences, making them versatile options in the market

Water Resistance:

Given the active lifestyles of many users, water resistance is an essential feature. Both models come with an IPX4 rating, ensuring they can withstand splashes and sweat. Thus, they are suitable companions for fitness enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers alike.

boAt Airdopes 148 and 141 Price Comparison:

The decision between boAt Airdopes 148 and 141 often comes down to price versus features, making it crucial to consider their cost in relation to their offerings:

  • boAt Airdopes 148: Generally priced around ₹1,500, these earbuds offer advanced features like IWP technology and slightly better build quality than boAt Airdopes 141, justifying their price for users who need these functionalities.
  • boAt Airdopes 141: At approximately ₹1,300, the Airdopes 141 provide excellent value, especially with their extended battery life and solid performance. They are a cost-effective choice for users looking for reliable earbuds without breaking the bank.

FAQs: boAt Airdopes 148 vs 141

1.Is boAt Airdopes 141 worth buying?

Yes, the boAt Airdopes 141 is worth considering, especially if you’re seeking earbuds with extended battery life, immersive sound quality, and reliable performance at an affordable price.

2.Does Airdopes 148 have noise cancellation?

The Airdopes 148 feature Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENx) technology, which helps reduce background noise during calls. However, it is not active noise cancellation.

3.Is 148 Airdopes waterproof?

Yes, the Airdopes 148 are equipped with an IPX4 rating, making them resistant to water splashes and sweat. They are ideal for workouts and light rain exposure.

4.What is beast mode in boAt 148?

The beast mode in boAt Airdopes 148 is designed to reduce latency and provide real-time audio sync, which is particularly beneficial for gaming and watching videos.

5.How do you activate Beast Mode on boat Airdopes?

Beast Mode can typically be activated by a specific gesture or sequence of taps on the earbuds, as detailed in the user manual.


Deciding between the boAt Airdopes 148 and 141 depends on your specific needs and preferences. If advanced features like Insta Wake N Pair and better build quality are your priority, the Airdopes 148 is an excellent choice. On the other hand, if you value longer battery life and a more budget-friendly option without compromising on sound quality, the Airdopes 141 is ideal. Both models offer robust performance, water resistance, and ergonomic design, making them great contenders in the affordable earbuds market. Whichever you choose, boAt promises a reliable and enjoyable listening experience.

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