OnePlus TV 55 Y1S Pro 55-inch Ultra-HD LED TV Review


When it comes to producing innovative tech products, OnePlus is a name that is often on the tip of the tongue. With their foray into the television industry, they have continued to maintain their reputation for high-quality, user-centric products. Their latest offering, the OnePlus TV 55 Y1S Pro 55-inch Ultra-HD LED TV, seeks to capture a significant share of the audience.

But does it live up to the hype? In our comprehensive OnePlus 55 inch TV Review, we’ll delve into its features, aesthetics, and performance, giving you a clear picture of what to expect from this Ultra HD LED TV.



  • Picture quality is excellent for non-HDR content

  • OnePlus's Gamma Engine does a very good job of upscaling low-resolution content

  • OnePlus TV Y1S Pro comes with three HDMI 2.1 ports, with one of them supporting eARC

  • The TV user interface is clean and easy to use

  • Kids mode can be turned on remotely by OnePlus Connect App

  • Lacks Dolby Vision, and peak brightness is not enough for HDR content

  • Storage available for users is only 2.3 GB

  • This TV only has only decent viewing angle

  • Since this TV lacks any kind of local dimming, blacks levels are only decent

Design and Build

The first impression a television leaves on a user is often its design and build quality, and the OnePlus TV 55 Y1S Pro excels in this department.

The TV’s aesthetic speaks of refined sophistication. Adorned in a classic black shade, its minimalist design allows it to blend seamlessly into any living space, be it a modern apartment or a traditional home.

Despite its sleek appearance, there’s an evident sturdiness to the TV. Crafted with precision, it ensures longevity and resilience against everyday wear and tear.

Though it’s worth mentioning that the stands provided by OnePlus with this TV are made of plastic and lack the solid feel of metal stands.

One of the standout features of its design is the impressively thin profile. At a mere 86 mm (without the stand), it doesn’t protrude much from the wall, giving it a floating appearance that’s bound to capture attention.


Presenting every frame in mesmerizing detail, the resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels brings to life the minutest elements in every scene.

The Ultra HD (4K) offers four times the clarity of standard HD, ensuring images that are sharp, vivid, and breathtakingly real.

Beyond just resolution, OnePlus’s proprietary Gamma Engine plays a pivotal role in enhancing the visuals. Whether it’s refining dynamic contrast, managing the color spectrum, or reducing digital noise and interference, the Gamma Engine ensures that the output is always of the highest quality.

This TV only supports HDR formats like HDR 10, HDR 10+, and HLG but lacks Dolby Vision. When it comes to action sequences or fast-moving scenes, the 60 Hz panel offered smooth transitions without any blur or ghosting effects. Furthermore, this TV presents dark scenes well without hiding any details.

In the vast ocean of Ultra-HD TVs available today, the OnePlus TV 55 Y1S Pro’s display stands out, not just because of its resolution but due to the thoughtful integration of technology like the Gamma Engine, which upscales standard definition and high definition (720p/1080p) content well. The result is a visual treat, promising hours of immersive entertainment.

Smart TV Features

The heart of this smart TV is the Android 10 operating system, well-known for its intuitive user interface and vast app ecosystem. Powered by the quad-core MT9216 processor with 2GB of RAM, it ensures smooth operation, quick app launches, and easy multitasking.

Catering to the varied tastes of viewers, the TV supports all major streaming platforms, including Netflix, Youtube, Disney+Hotstar, and Prime Video. It ensures a wide array of content choices at the user’s fingertips.

Screen Mirroring & Multi Cast – The ability to cast content from other devices like laptops, mobiles, or PCs allows for a more versatile viewing experience. Whether it’s personal photos, videos, or presentations, they can be viewed on the big screen with ease.

OnePlus Connect 2.0 feature underlines the seamless connectivity between OnePlus devices. Users can effortlessly link their OnePlus smartphones or other devices, making for an integrated tech experience, from answering calls using the TV to using the phone as a remote.

With the inclusion of Google Assistant and Alexa, voice command functionality adds convenience.

Changing channels, adjusting volume, or seeking content can be done effortlessly using voice prompts.

Beyond standard Wi-Fi, the inclusion of an Ethernet (RJ45) port ensures that users can opt for wired internet access for potentially more stable connections.

Picture Quality

While the OnePlus TV 50 Y1S Pro offers satisfactory visuals straight from the package, some minor tweaks enhance the overall viewing. Although the default settings ensure pretty accurate colors, the motion compensation introduces noticeable glitches. It’s wise to disable the MEMC feature, which often struggles in budget models, as well as any dynamic contrast and auto-brightness features.

Once adjusted, the visuals become crisp. SDR content shines with commendable brightness, contrast, and detailed dark scenes. Colors pop out more vividly in HDR mode, but there’s an odd fluctuation in contrast in certain instances. Imagine a sudden shift in room lighting every few moments – a potential hiccup in the picture engine, especially evident in HDR10/10+ scenes on Prime Video. Despite this, non-affected content from the same sources offers brilliant colors and sharpness, with 1080p appearing in almost 4K quality. On the other hand, the distinction between SDR 1080p and 4K is clearer.

While the TV’s black depth isn’t its strongest suit, it’s respectable for its price range. Though the Y1S Pro doesn’t support Dolby Vision, it manages HDR10/10+ content adequately. Lower resolution than 720p tends to lose detail, typical for 4K displays. Viewing from acute angles might alter colors slightly.

We wouldn’t suggest this TV if you watch HDR content regularly due to the lack of Dolby Vision support, not having adequate peak brightness and the issue with HDR10/10+ content processing. But if you are someone who only consumes cable TV and rarely watches HDR content OnePlus Y1S Pro can be a good option.

Audio Experience

The TV houses two downward-directed speakers with a 24 Watts RMS output. The sound quality is decent with a clear emphasis on vocal clarity – ideal for news or talk shows. However, the depth found in Dynaudio’s tuning on OnePlus’s other models is missing here, leading to a less immersive experience for music and cinematic action due to subdued bass tones.

For everyday viewing, you’d rarely need to go above 60% volume. However, those wanting richer sound in movies and TV shows can leverage the multiple audio outputs, including Bluetooth, optical, and HDMI eARC. Notably, you can enhance the audio experience in movies and TV shows by connecting an external Dolby or 5.1 soundbar via HDMI eARC.


The OnePlus TV 55 Y1S Pro offers a broad spectrum of connectivity options to ensure users have a seamless entertainment experience.


Positioned on the side for easy access, the TV boasts 3 HDMI 2.1 ports with one of them supporting eARC, facilitating connections to devices like gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, and soundbars. Additionally, the 2 USB ports are perfect for playing media from external storage devices or even for connecting streaming sticks.

Furthermore, this TV has optical audio out and AV input. Though 3.5mm jack and coaxial AV out are not present in OnePlus Y1S Pro.

With built-in Wi-Fi, users can effortlessly connect the TV to their home network, ensuring a world of online content is readily available. For those who prefer a more stable wired connection, especially for streaming high-definition content, the inclusion of an Ethernet (RJ45) port is a thoughtful addition.

The TV’s ability to mirror screens from laptops, mobiles, or PCs ensures that users can effortlessly share their personal content or even professional presentations on the big screen, making it versatile for both entertainment and work.

Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity adds another layer of convenience, allowing for wireless connections to audio devices like headphones, soundbars, or even some gaming controllers.

Remote Control

The remote for the OnePlus TV 55 Y1S Pro comes packed with features tailored for the modern viewer. More than just a device to switch channels or adjust volume, this remote offers internet access, ensuring a more interactive experience. Whether it’s browsing content on streaming apps or surfing the web, the remote acts as a handy navigator.

While it does not have touch capabilities, its ergonomic design ensures that it sits comfortably in the hand, and the button layout is intuitive, making it easy even for those who might not be tech-savvy.

While the remote lacks LED backlit buttons, which might have added to convenience in low light conditions, its straightforward design ensures that regular users will soon know the placement by heart.

Powered by AAA batteries, users won’t need to worry about frequent charging. However, it’s worth noting that there isn’t a provision for remote charging, so having a spare set of batteries might be handy.

Convenience Features

A television’s core functionality is vital, but the additional convenience features play a crucial role in enhancing the user experience. Equipped with a set of functionalities that prioritize user ease and adaptability, the OnePlus Y1S Pro 55-inch TV stands out.

Clock & Sleep Timer: The in-built clock ensures you can always be aware of the time even during binge-watching sessions. The sleep timer can be programmed to turn off the TV after a set duration, a boon for those who enjoy falling asleep to their favorite shows.

Child Lock & Parental Control: Families with children will appreciate the child lock feature, ensuring that little ones can’t accidentally change settings or access inappropriate content. Further strengthening this, the parental control settings allow for specific content restrictions based on age or content type.

Auto Power Off: This energy-saving feature ensures the TV doesn’t remain on unnecessarily. If there’s no activity detected for a set period, the TV automatically switches off, conserving energy.


A television’s power consumption and physical dimensions can influence placement decisions and overall energy bills. The OnePlus 55 inch TV has been designed keeping both aesthetics and efficiency in mind.

The TV operates on a standard power requirement ranging from AC 100 – 240 V. With a power consumption of 145 W during active use and a mere 0.4 W in standby mode, it strikes a balance between performance and energy efficiency.


As of now, the OnePlus Y1S Pro 55-inch Ultra-HD LED TV Price in India stands at ₹39,999. Given the array of features and the brand reputation associated with OnePlus, this price point can be seen as competitive, especially in the crowded television market of India.

Is the OnePlus TV good or not?

The OnePlus TV 55 Y1S Pro appears to be a compelling package for those in the market for a new Ultra HD smart TV. With its premium build quality, state-of-the-art display, robust smart features, and seamless connectivity options, it seems poised to provide a high-quality viewing experience. The synergy between OnePlus devices, thanks to OnePlus Connect 2.0, is the cherry on top for OnePlus fans. All in all, it seems to be a worthy contender in the competitive smart TV market. However, U6G from Hisense, with a slightly more price, ₹41,990 to be exact, offers significantly better picture quality in HDR content and has a substantially higher peak brightness of 700 nits which is needed to enjoy HDR content, the only thing that is missing in this TV is eARC support. So, if you can ignore eARC support, we suggest Hisense U6G instead of the OnePlus TV 55 Y1S.


Is the sound quality good on OnePlus Y1S Pro?

The OnePlus TV 55 Y1S Pro seems to have a competent audio system for its category, especially with the Dolby Audio enhancement. The presence of Dolby Audio is a significant advantage, as it is a well-regarded audio processing technology that enhances sound clarity and provides an immersive audio experience.

With a 24W RMS output, the OnePlus 55 inch TV should provide sufficiently loud audio for regular-sized living rooms and bedrooms. For general TV watching, streaming, and even some casual music playback, it should serve well. However, for users with specific high-end audio requirements or those seeking a richer sound experience, considering additional audio equipment might be beneficial.

What is the power consumption of 55 Y1S pro?

The power consumption of the OnePlus TV 55 Y1S Pro is:

  • Active Use: 145 W
  • Standby Mode: 0.4 W

It means that when the TV is actively being used (i.e., turned on and displaying content), it consumes 145 Watts of power. On the other hand, when the TV is in standby mode (i.e., not actively displaying content but still plugged in and ready to be turned on), it consumes a minimal 0.4 Watts.

The power consumption is in line with many other modern 55-inch Ultra-HD TVs. It’s always good practice to turn off the TV or ensure it goes into standby mode when not in use to save energy.

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