How to Find Hidden Apps on Android? Secrets Demystified


Android has several different ways to hide applications for a variety of reasons. Some system apps are hidden by Android itself to safeguard them from tampering by users, and there are other apps that are hidden by users for privacy purposes. If monitoring the activity on your phone is important to you, you may be interested in learning how to find hidden apps on an Android device.

Let’s say you don’t know how to find hidden apps on your Android phone. You may generally use one of the 6-different approaches mentioned below to find the hidden apps on your android phone.

Continue reading to find out about all of the different methods and how to apply them.

What’s the Deal with Android Hiding Apps?

You are undoubtedly aware that every Android phone comes with a selection of hidden system applications already pre-installed on your device. You are unable to see all available applications on your Android phone for the same reason that you do not have root access to the device by default. It protects your gadget from being mishandled.

  • Numerous applications that are ordinarily inaccessible just continue to function in the background and continue to interact with the user in any way.
  • If you deactivate or delete these system apps completely, your whole device may no longer function properly.
  • The proper functioning of both your phone and its operating system is dependent on these system apps.
  • There is also the possibility of hidden malicious applications, such as remote access trojans or keyloggers in your android device. These malicious applications stay hidden and continuously keep track of user activities or capture users’ credentials.
  • Another thing to keep in mind is that Android phones are, on the whole, quite comparable to one another. The Android version is the one that matters the most.

Here’s How to Find Hidden Apps on Android

1. Apps in Android Settings

The settings menu of your Android device is the best location to find hidden apps. Since every device includes a comprehensive list of its applications, you should familiarize yourself with the core methods required to show it.

When you open the Settings app on an Android smartphone, you will get access to the whole list of installed applications on that device. The techniques are, for the most part, the same; however, there is some room for variation based on the manufacturer and specific type of device.

  • To access the Settings menu press the gear icon.
  • After that, go to the bottom of the page and choose the option to “Manage applications” or “apps and notifications or apps.”
  • The next page has a tab labeled “All” that displays the comprehensive app list stored on your mobile device, or in some cases, you will have to click on the three-dot menu available in the top right corner and select show system services to reveal system apps.
  • You have access to the programs and system files that are mandatory for Android OS to perform its functions smoothly.

It is one of the simplest ways to find hidden apps on an Android device. However, some Android forks like MIUI can hide user-hidden apps from this list, so it is not the best method for finding hidden android apps.

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2. Locate “Hidden” Apps Using the Android File Manager

The file manager on your phone is an alternative method for browsing the apps. This functionality should be present in some form on all Android handsets. It will typically be a “Files” symbol.

  • Tap the relevant Files icon to see a list of available tools and categories.
  • You may inspect all installed apps and Android Package Kits on your device by navigating to Apps (APK).
  • This tab allows you to control every item, from sharing to removing.
  • The file manager does not always display the system programs required for the device’s essential functioning.
  • Use just your file manager to find hidden applications that the user or manufacturer downloaded.
  • The Safe folder in the file manager is an additional function to keep in mind. You will need a PIN or unlocking code to get access to this secure file storage area. Although it has nothing to do with applications, it is an excellent area to look for hidden data.

Determine whether this strategy helps to locate hidden Android applications.

3. Discover Hidden Apps Using a Third-Party Launcher

The majority of devices include a customized Android operating system. The Hide applications are not in the normal app drawer on your Android device. 

  • If you haven’t already, install a Custom Launcher and use it to access any hidden applications on your mobile device.
  • After installing a new launcher on your Android smartphone or tablet, be sure to complete the initial setup steps.
  • Replace the default launcher with the newly installed one to avoid compatibility problems and action key conflicts.
  • You may quickly examine the list to see if any applications on the device have been previously hidden.

On Android, third-party launchers are another ways to find hidden apps on Android.

4. Using the Google Play Store

Only Android phones that support Google Services and have Play Store functionality are covered. If you’re afraid that you may have downloaded a malicious app on your phone, you may want to check it on the Play Store.

  • Numerous malicious mobile applications misrepresent their actual functionality.
  • There are malicious scanner apps for Android that behave identically to any other scanner app, except that it steals data from your device.
  • There are many secret apps on the play store that can hide user apps, images, and videos. These apps’ names are generally prefixed or suffixed with vault, locker, secret etc. If you find such apps then you can be sure some apps are hidden through these apps.
  • Tap and hold an app’s icon to bring up the context menu, then choose App Details to determine if the app is what it claims to be.
  • This will lead you to the app’s Play Store page, where you can get a comprehensive description of the app and its purpose.

Determine whether this helps to locate hidden Android applications.

Do note that the above steps may not work with every android phone, if so, then we suggest typing the app name into the play store to check out its description and purpose.

5. Using the Parental Control Application

Using parental control applications is yet another straightforward way to locate hidden programs on Android devices. You want to ensure your child’s safety by discovering any hidden applications on their phone. Utilize parental control software designed with the protection of children in mind.

  • It lets you see their browsing history, media saved on their devices, and messenger chats, among other things.
  • Using parental control software, you may access Android phones’ hidden applications.
  • It makes it easy to identify which applications, even those that are hidden, are loaded on your child’s smartphone.
  • Such a hidden app finder offers several additional capabilities that allow you to monitor and protect your children.

Determine whether this helps to locate hidden Android applications.

6. Conduct an Anti-Virus Scan

You are worried about malicious software installed on your devices, such as keyloggers or remote access Trojans (RATs). Utilize an antivirus application or Google Play’s in-built scanner to do a thorough device check.

  • Google Play routinely scans its app store for applications with questionable material and removes them. This contains keyloggers and other tools that may be used to spy on people.
  • You might also do a factory reset on your Android device to eliminate any hidden applications.
  • Any applications that were not on the device when it left the manufacturer will be erased.
  • Some hidden apps may still be there after doing a factory reset.
  • You’ll need to unroot your phone and flash a fresh operating system on your Android to resolve this issue and remove any traces of malicious applications.

Determine whether this helps to locate hidden Android applications.

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People love to sneak apps onto their Android devices for their use, including ones for texting, talking, and watching movies. These apps are among the most often hidden. You need to have the ability to search for hidden applications on your Android phone as well as locate those that are currently there.

Android users can hide apps that they don’t use or that they don’t want other people to see; however, devices also hide many of the system programs from view. If you are curious about how to find hidden Android applications on your phone or the phone of another person, there are plenty of typical approaches that you may apply.

How to Find Hidden Apps on Android – FAQs

How to Discover Hidden Apps on Android?

Go to the home screen or app drawer of your Android device and search for any hidden files or covert applications there. This will allow you to locate hidden spy programs. If you come across any, open them up and investigate whether or not they include anything that resembles a surveillance program. When you find it just touch on it to investigate whether or not there is an option to conceal it or if the application in question asks for a password or pin. If it asks for a password or pin, then congratulation, you have found the hidden/secret app.

How can I Find Hidden Apps on My Android Phone?

Open the app drawer, and tap the three dots that are located in the upper-right-hand corner of the screen. Then click on home settings it will let you into the hide app page. Within the app list, you will see a list of all of the applications that are hidden from view. If this screen is blank or if the option to hide applications is not there, there are no hidden apps.

How Do I Unhide Hidden Apps on Android?

Open the app drawer, and tap the three dots that are located in the upper-right-hand corner of the screen. Then click on home settings it will let you into the hide app page. Within the app list, you will see a list of all of the applications that are hidden from view. You can then unhide them from here.

What Do Hidden Apps Look Like?

When apps are hidden, you will not see them in the app drawer or home screen. To find out a hidden app, you need to open the app drawer and tap the three dots that are located in the upper-right-hand corner of the screen. Then click on home settings it will let you into the hide app section where you can see all the hidden apps.


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