5 Best Ad-Free Video Players For Your Android Smartphone

I have been a keen user of the MX Player, and I was using the app from the starting days of its launch. And trust me, it was an excellent video player. But now the story is a bit different, and I have switched to another Video Player for my smartphone, in fact, for my every single Android device.

The main reason MX Player is no more good than before is due to those annoying ads! I can’t explain to you how much they bothered me while watching something interesting. Hence I decided to shift to something which is free from ads and doesn’t cost anything.

And guess what, I am currently using a completely Ad-Free Video Player on my android device without spending a single penny. If you guys are also going through something like this, then you are in the right place.

Here in this article, I am going to recommend you 5 of the best Ad-Free Video Players, including one that I am personally using. And, the perk is that every single Video Player listed here are free.

So, let’s not waste any more time.

5 Best Ads-Free Video Players For Android

  • Nova Player
  • VLC Media Player
  • KODI
  • KM Player
  • MPV-Android Player

Nova Player

NOVA Player is an Open-Source video player design specifically for the android platform and hence can be used freely with any Android Tablet. Smartphone, TV, etc.

NOVA Player is based on the source code of a very popular video player, The Archos Video Player. But Archos Video Player is no more developed while the NOVA Player receives frequent updates and bug fixes, and hence it is better than Archos Video Player. It also has a better UI and content segmentation. Along with that, the app is completely free and promises a best-in-class ad-free experience.


  1. Neatly Organized Interface.
  2. Native support for Dolby Audio.
  3. Video Playback via external storage and servers (FTP, SMB, NAS).
  4. Online Subtitle downloading.
  5. Various Aspect ratio support like screen fill, crop, etc.


  1. No gesture support.
  2. Slightly buggy.

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player has a long history of providing top of the line media player service to its users for free. It is an Open-Source Cross-Platform Media Player that was initially released for Windows PC in 2001. It has since been developed by VideoLAN Project and is now available for all the major Operating Systems, including Android, iOS, and Windows.

The VLC Media Player is not limited to just video and can play almost all kinds of video and audio files. It also supports media playback via network stream, network share, and drives. The Player gets regular updates, costs nothing to use, and is also completely ad-free.


  1. Open-Source and Free to use.
  2. In-Built Dolby support.
  3. No user tracking via any kind of spyware or ad.
  4. Huge library of supported video formats.
  5. Gesture Support for handy operation.
  6. Support for online subtitles download.
  7. Support smartphones with notch/cutout.


  1. Dated UI.
  2. Feels buggy sometimes.


The next ad-free android video player on our list is also an open-source project, developed by the XBMC Foundation. Its name is KODI and, it is an extremely popular player whose coverage ranges in almost every hardware and software platform.

KODI is one of the most popular players in the TV streaming apps and is used by millions of smart TV owners due to the availability of tons of free addons and builds. KODI is also available for Android and, since it is open-source and free, you wouldn’t find any advertisement in the app.


  1. Support for tons of addons.
  2. Feature-Packed Player.
  3. Open Source and Free to Use.
  4. Supports Hardware-Accelerated Video Decoding.


  1. Initial setup is needed to make it work.
  2. UI is not friendly for small displays.
  3. No gesture support.

KM Player

KM Player has been in the media player market since 2002 and, it was initially developed for the Windows platform. But in 2004, the Pandora TV launched the KM Player’s Android version. Though the windows version was engaged with advertisements, this is not the case with its android version.

It has a lot of video playback features like build-in color, contrast, hue, saturation adjustment, Volume booster, PIP mode with different window sizes, and much more. However, the music and audio file playback is not currently supported in the android version of the player which is available in the windows one.


  1. Gesture Support.
  2. Picture-In-Picture Playback.
  3. In-Built video color adjustment.
  4. Audio Amplification.
  5. Hardware Accelerated Video Playback.


  1. The Android version lacks music support.
  2. Cannot create your own video playlist.

MPV-Android Player

MVP-Android Player is an android port of the popular MPV Media Player. MPV Media layer is an open-source and free media player based on MPlayer, mplayer2, and FFmpeg. The Media Player is available for a lot of platforms, including Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Talking specifically about the MVP-Android Player, it is an ad-free android video player that provides all the basic as well as advanced features like Hardware decoding, color adjustment, Gesture support, etc. You can try the MPV-Android Player if you are in search of an ad-free video player.


  1. Gesture Support.
  2. In-Built video color adjustment.
  3. Hardware Accelerated Video Playback.


  1. No auto-detection of media files.
  2. File Manager like interface.

Bottom Line

So, these are the top 5 video players that you can use for free without facing a single advertisement. In my personal opinion, the VLC Media Player is my personal favorite, and I am personally using it on my smartphone. However, its dated UI might be a downside.

KODI player is also a great option and comes with the most advanced features. But to use KODI, you will have to set it up on your device, and it will require some advanced tech skills. And hence I’ll recommend the NOVA Player instead.

The KMPlayer and MPV-Android Players are also pretty reputable in the market and can be used if the rest of the three are not in your consideration for some reason.


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