Nothing Phone 2: Here’s What New GLYPH Can Do


The Nothing Phone 2 has arrived, and with it comes a whole host of new features that make the Glyph — the light display on the back of the phone — more than just a gimmick. 

While the original Glyph on the Nothing Phone 1 was a cool novelty, with some practical uses like acting as a torch or showing charging time, the upgraded version on the Nothing Phone 2 takes things to another level.

At first glance, the Glyph on the Nothing Phone 2 might look similar to its predecessor, but under the hood, it’s a whole new story. 

The upgraded Glyph now boasts three times as many LED nodes, jumping from 12 on the Phone 1 to a whopping 33 on the Phone 2. 

Plus, the LED strips have been redesigned for better symmetry, making the overall design more pleasing to the eye.

6 Cool Uses of Glyph Interface on Nothing Phone 2

1. Timer & Progress

Source: BeeBom

One of the most innovative new features of the Glyph interface is the ability to use it as a countdown timer. This means you can keep track of timer without constantly checking your screen. 

Simply set the timer through Quick Settings, place your Phone 2 face down, and watch as the LED strip fades out like a reverse progress bar. When time’s up, the LEDs will flash to alert you.

2. Glyph Composer

Glyph Composer

This creative feature lets you design your own unique Glyphs, complete with sound. You can then assign these custom Glyphs as ringtones for different contacts or even share them with others. 

The possibilities are practically endless, making this a real standout feature of the Nothing Phone 2.

3. Third-Party App Integration

The Glyph interface on the Nothing Phone 2 now supports third-party apps. Currently, this feature is available with UBER, where the Glyph acts as a progress tracker for your ride. The LED lights will count down the time until your driver arrives, so you’ll know exactly when to head out the door.

The company has also announced a partnership with Indian food delivery service Zomato for similar integration.

4. Use It as a Torch

While the Glyph on the Nothing Phone 1 could act as a flashlight only when the camera app was open, the Nothing Phone 2 takes it one step further.

Accessing this feature is simple – just open the notification center and long-press the Torch tile. The Glyph LEDs will light up, providing you with a convenient source of illumination whenever you need it.

5. Volume Level Indicators

Source: BeeBom

Just like the cool feature where the Glyph LEDs show your battery level when you’re juicing up your phone, you can also set them up to act as a volume gauge. It’s super easy – once you’ve got it all set up, just hit those volume buttons and watch the right-side Glyph LED strip light up, showing you just how loud (or low) your volume is.

This means you can visually see how loud your music or video is playing without having to unlock your screen or disrupt your viewing experience.

6. Essential Glyph Feature

Last but not least, the Essential Glyph feature is a game-changer for managing your notifications. This feature allows you to mark certain notifications as “essential”.

The corresponding LED light will stay on until the notification is read or dismissed. This ensures that you never miss an important alert, even when your phone is face down.

The Glyph interface on the Nothing Phone 2 truly takes the phone’s functionality to new heights.

With these innovative features, it’s clear that the Glyph is more than just a pretty light display — it’s a powerful tool that enhances the overall user experience.


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