Apple Facing Lawsuit Because of Privacy Concerns

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Apple is currently the defendant in a class action lawsuit brought by iPhone customers who allege that Apple obtained their user data despite their assurances via Apple’s own privacy settings that it wouldn’t. According to a new Gizmodo investigation, even if you have iPhone Analytics turned off on your device, Apple still collects a tonne of data about you, which would appear to put the corporation in a very awkward position.

Gizmodo some time ago mentioned Tommy Mysk and Talal Haj Bakry in one of their articles. The article contained details about the astonishing finding from the duo. 

Even when iPhone Analytics was disabled, some Apple applications were found gathering personal information from users. All of Apple’s native iPhone apps appear to be like this.

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Here are the details about the lawsuit

Apple is charged with breaking the California Invasion of Privacy Act in the case. According to the plaintiff in the lawsuit, Elliot Libman, “Privacy is one of the key problems that Apple utilizes to set its devices apart from rivals.” “However, Apple’s privacy guarantees are wholly unreal.” The corporation has plastered billboards with the phrase “Privacy. That’s iPhone” all around the nation.

Furthermore, the App Store appears to gather data about your behavior in real-time. Mysk uploaded a video about the same on its YouTube channel. The video included details, including what you touch on, which apps you search for, what adverts you view, how you found a specific app, and how long you spent on the app’s page.

Apple’s privacy policies are coming under more scrutiny as the corporation diversifies into digital advertising. Apple just added new App Store advertisements. Now, the company is rumored to be planning to add advertisements to Apple TV. Moreover, it appears intent on luring small business advertisers away from Meta, Facebook’s parent company. Although Apple’s corporate literature states unequivocally that “Privacy is a human right,” it is unclear how much the iPhone manufacturer is willing to give up in order to fulfill that claim.

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