iOS 15 Causing Problem In iPhone 13 and Older Models

iOS 15
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It appears that iOS 15 was not quite ready. On Monday, iOS 15 was released, and it looks that it is already causing some problems. Several iPhone 13 customers have experienced touch issues, sensitivity issues with certain apps, difficulty unlocking the handsets, and other concerns.

Apple may be preparing to release the first iOS 15 updates, which will address all of the issues with the current version. Some new iPhone 13 customers have begun to experience touch difficulties with their devices. This issue causes the gadget to ignore the user’s touch input. This first problem is usually resolved by continuously tapping the display until the device recognizes touch input.

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iOS 15 issue also causing the problem in the phone wake feature

This problem also affects the phone’s tap to wake feature. In other words, your iPhone 13 will not respond when you tap on the screen to wake it up. iPhone owners have taken to Reddit, Twitter, the MacRumors Forums, and Apple Support to express their dissatisfaction with these difficulties. 

These concerns further state that the problem occasionally impacts the entire display. And that in-app touch input is sometimes insufficient at the device’s edges. Other difficulties include Mail app crashes, Watch not being detected, and more. Previously, there have been difficulties with device storage, Apple Music, Widgets, and the entire Spotify app depleting your phone’s power faster than it should.

The good news is that this problem appears to be tied to iOS 15. As it affects previous iPhone models after the software update. In any event, you might want to hold off on updating your iPhone to the latest version of iOS for a little longer. If you have an iPhone 13, you’ll have to wait a little longer because a new iOS 15.1 update is expected soon.

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