Google Pixel 7 Series Price Leaked Might be Less Than Expected

Google Pixel 7 series
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Flagship devices are usually expensive but that might not be true for Google Pixel 7 series, at least that is what the leaked price suggests. If the pricing is correct, it will substantially undercut the competition.

According to the founder of Android Police, Artem Russkovskii, the Pixel 7 will arrive with a starting price of $599. This was the exact amount that the Pixel 6 arrived for. When you compare it to Apple’s iPhone 14, it cost $799 for the base variant. 

Moreover, it is safe to say that the device will arrive for the same price as the Pixel 6 in other countries too, considering the pricing in Dollars. In other words, the Pixel 7 should arrive for £599 in the UK and AU$999 in Australia.

What’s more, the rumors also suggest that the Pixel 7 Pro will have the same price- $899, as its predecessor. 

It is worth reiterating that the pricing is based on current data in Target’s systems and comes from a source that Russakovskii trusts. So, it appears to have some weight behind it when it comes to credibility.  

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The source also reveals the pre-order for the device. The device, including both models, will arrive on October 6. Google has already confirmed the date for the Pixel 7. So, we have no reason to doubt. 

What’s more, the report suggests the shipping date be October 13. However, a recent leak suggests an October 18 release date. We will have to wait to see which one is correct. Russkovskii is not sure. 

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