Snapdragon 895 Will Feature A Modified GPU, Reveals A Lenovo Executive

Snapdragon 895's GPU
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Snapdragon 895, the next-gen flagship from will feature an upgraded GPU, according to Chen Jin, General Manager of Lenovo China’s mobile phone business department. Jin teased the performance of Snapdragon 895 on the Chinese social media website Weibo.

Jin also talked about Lenovo Legion 3 Pro, along with revealing things like the chip will come with some sort of top tuning capabilities. It is worth mentioning that Qualcomm acquired chip design company Nuvia last month. But it is unlikely that Qualcomm will base the forthcoming chipset on its design.

Moreover, Snapdragon 895 might come equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X65 5G modem-RF system. The X65 model is the successor of the X60 model integrated into the Snapdragon 888 processor. Plus, Snapdragon 895 might feature the Adreno 730 GPU. It is quite an upgrade over the Adreno 660-equipped Snapdragon 888. That said, it is pretty difficult to predict the exact boost based on numbers on the paper, it will be a pretty big one.

Furthermore, the naming convention for the upcoming Snapdragon chipset appears different. The last flagship was named Snapdragon 888. If Qualcomm follows the same convention the upcoming chip will arrive with the name Snapdragon 898. However, it might not be the case, and the chipset with codename SM8450 will arrive with the name Snapdragon 895.

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Snapdragon 895 CPU

Under the hood, the Snapdragon 895 will feature the Arm Cortex v9 technology. The architecture was announced at the beginning of this year and the upcoming chipset will feature the same technology.

As for release, the company might release the chipset at the end of the year at a yearly launch event of Qualcomm in Hawaii.

Qualcomm is doing everything to keep the crown of the best-selling chipsets in the smartphone market with itself.

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